Erin Raftery Ryan, Executive Director

As the Executive Director, Erin provides a loving and supportive environment that helps nurture the emotional health of the lives of many affected by mental health conditions. Her drive and passion is in bringing people together through support and services. Erin directs the operations at NAMI Westside Los Angeles, which includes education, support, volunteer coordination, peer outreach, collaborative partnerships, fundraising, and advocacy. These efforts lead to improvements in the lives of those affected with mental health conditions and to the family, friends, and others that support them. 

Erin has a background in athletics, politics, nonprofit management, and entertainment. She has a degree in Political Science from the University of Connecticut and is a trained Master Gardener from the Department of Agriculture and the University of California. She is a member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition and a recipient of the American Heart Association Teaching Garden Champion Award for Dedication in LA.  Erin is also a mother of two daughters who are warriors, and is happily married to a U.S. Army veteran. 

Tim Davis, Program Director

Tim was introduced to NAMI in early 2018 after learning that a loved one had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Less than six months later, he joined the NAMI Westside Los Angeles team as Education Coordinator. The role offered him the opportunity to be of service to an expanding community of those impacted by mental health conditions by connecting them to NAMI’s many classes and support groups.

Now serving as the affiliate’s Director of Programs and Services, Tim has spearheaded the expansion of NAMI’s renowned Ending the Silence program, coordinating over 50 presentations at area schools in the past year alone. As an ETS Lead Presenter, he speaks to students, staff, and parents about various aspects of mental health conditions, including why mental health is as important as physical health, and how to recognize the warning signs of a condition in yourself or others. With a diverse background that includes TV writing as well as Communications Director for a tech startup, Tim is well suited to help spread the word about NAMI and all its programs, so families won’t have to wait until they’re in crisis to learn about this incredible organization. His tireless advocacy is driven by his mission to end the shame and stigma that continue to surround mental health conditions, and to help our affiliate become a beacon of hope to all those in need.

Elizabeth Stephens, Operations/Outreach Coordinator

Elizabeth is a recent UCLA grad who is passionate about mental health advocacy and ensuring that the appropriate mental health services are accessible to all. Coming from a place of lived experience, Elizabeth understands first hand the importance of addressing the stigma surrounding mental health and building a community of hope for all of those affected by mental health conditions.

As a part of NAMI WLA’s educational outreach initiatives, Elizabeth teaches peer classes and leads peer support groups that are designed to support adults with mental health conditions as they navigate the barriers they come across in both the mental health care system and society as a whole. In this role, Elizabeth aims to create a space for people with mental health conditions to find both support and resources to engage in self-advocacy and empowerment. Elizabeth also provides a peer perspective as a speaker for NAMI WLA’s Ending the Silence program that aims to educate students about the stigma surrounding mental health conditions and connecting them with appropriate resources.


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