Philosophy of the Program

In Our Own Voice: Living with Mental Illness is dedicated to the support, education, and growth of consumers as presenters. The personal educational component of this program dispels many myths surrounding mental illnesses and will help reduce stigma as we openly talk about it. The mere fact that we are standing there helps reduce the myths surrounding mental illness. This reduces stigma as well.

The power of IOOV is based on the sharing of our journeys- our stories about living with mental illness. We give hope, we educate, we open minds, and we change attitudes. We help eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness.

A study of IOOV has been completed by Dr. Otto Wahl and Dr. Amy Wood of George Mason University. Their research concluded with evidence that there is a significant decrease in stigma against mental illness among audience members after seeing the presentation.

In Our Own Voice: Living With Mental Illness was developed to provide a dialogue on the issues related to recovery from severe mental illnesses. The program is designed to provide a safe place for consumers to share the ups and downs of their recovery and learn from others. Two trained consumer presenters lead the discussion. The program educates everyone about the ongoing recovery issues we face and the fulfilling lives that we can achieve.

For more information about IOOV, Please Contact Letty Baldaro at or 818-645-4159 for more info.

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